McHenry Bowl’s youth leagues are a great way for youth to have fun and stay fit. Youth bowling leagues are offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. and Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

All ages & skill levels welcome

  • Leagues organized by age and skill level
  •     Free instruction sessions: Youth bowlers who would like help with their game are entitled to a free 30 minute instruction session before every league each week.

        Current members of McHenry Bowl youth bowling leagues receive free shoe rental any time they come in to bowl.

        Scratch Leagues
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Scratch Leagues offer a higher level of competition for youth with a minimum average of 135.

        On Thursdays, the Scratch Masters League (180 minimum average) presents an even greater challenge.

        The Junior Gold Program (150 average for girls or 175 for boys) is also available.

        Coaching & Volunteering
    If you are an adult interested in helping kids, consider becoming a volunteer youth coach. You don’t have to be a great bowler yourself to have a great time coaching youth bowlers. Our U.S.B.C. Bowling clinics teach you everything you need. We offer a wide variety of activities throughout the year that can use an extra hand from an assistant coach.

No matter your skill level, we need you!

Contact June or Kim at (209) 571-2695 for more information and to sign up.

McHenry Bowl offers two options to youth league participants who would like to own their own bowling ball.

        Custom ball package: Pay an extra $3 each week for 15 weeks and receive a custom-drilled personalized ball at the end of the league.

        Vis-a-ball package: Pay an extra $7.50 per week for 15 weeks and receive a custom-drilled personalized vis-a-ball at the end of the league.

        Ball packages must be ordered by the 4th week of league.

WISE Scholarship Program
McHenry Bowl offers a lucrative scholarship rewards program for youths 12 and older who bowl in our league program. 

Find out more about the WISE program!